In the mid-1960s WDR, the West German public broadcasting corporation, was looking for trained voices for a new programme to be transmitted live from Dortmund. The manager of the theatre where I was working asked if I'd like to take part.


The next day found me sitting in a radio studio waiting for the red light. I never guessed that this one job would develop into a career and that I'd spend half my life in recording studios, for radio and television, on camera and off.


My fear of the microphone gradually disappeared but not the tension inside. It's important for the work and is the presenter's stimulant.

I studied acting at the Folkwang Drama School in Essen, where I learned how to breathe and use my voice correctly.


My first engagement as a young actor took me to Ulm to work for Kurt Hübner. I moved on to Frankfurt, Rheydt and Dortmund, appearing in a broad spectrum of parts ranging from classics to musicals.


I also worked as assistant director with Peter Zadek and Johannes Schaaf.


After I moved to Cologne I worked for the Deutsche Welle and Deutschlandfunk external broadcasting stations, as well as for WDR and the Bonn studio of ZDF, the second German television channel.


In addition I have taken part in countless productions for studios in and around Cologne.


Some years ago, together with my wife and our cat, I exchanged the smoggy haze of Cologne for the country air of the Bergisches Land.



Voice Demos
Jakob Poiesz in den 60ern
Jakob im Studio
Alter Aufnahmeraum beim WDR
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Jakob auf der Bühne
Jakob auf der Bühne
Jakob und Ruth
Jakob im Aufnahmestudio
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